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Training Plan E-books

12 Weeks Base Training  Plan E-books


We have developed these base training plans to complement the race plans. Whether you are planning to compete in a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, all base training is essentially the same.
In this guide, we will be using training time as our main metric, in contrast to the race preparation plans which focus on race pace + distance.
We have created a simple plan with a nice progression over 12 weeks.


If you feel that the mileage is not enough, simply add more time to the easy runs.

However, we would recommend you stick to just 1 tempo session per week.

We have also added some important tips that are not directly linked to the plans, but are valuable snippets of information that will also help take your running to the next level.

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8 Weeks 5km Training Plan E-Books


Mike Trees
"I come from a track running background, so the 5 km excites me. My personal best stands at 14:06, so I know what it takes to go fast!
This training programme has been designed to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. You can’t just rely on your endurance to do well in a 5km, you need to work on your top end speed!"

Tommy Trees
"Follow this programme to the best of your ability and you should be able to achieve your own personal 5km goal.
5km for me was the gateway drug to running. I found them so addictive. I love how you can train for it and maintain your normal lifestyle. Also, if you have a bad race, guess what? You can do one again next week!
I am still on a mission to  get under 15 mins one day. My PB currently stands at 15:48, so I have a bit to go. My favorite part of 5km training is the variety. You need to include strength, speed and endurance to perform well!"


8 Weeks 10Km Training Plan E-books


Mike Trees
"I ran the Athens Olympic trials for 10,000m at the age of 41.  I also won the Masters 10km World Championships  the same year. This is a distance I know very well. 
You need the speed of a 5km runner and the stamina of a half marathon runner to do well. It is mostly aerobic, but unless you do some speed-work you will struggle to maintain your pace throughout the whole run. 
I created this training programme with a perfect mix of speed and endurance. If you follow it consistently, you’ll smash all of your 10 KM targets."

Tommy Trees
"I followed this program recently (March 2020) to achieve a time of 33:41. This was a massive 2 minute PB for me.  When following this programme, I found that doing large volumes of intervals at 10km pace gave me huge amounts of confidence to go into the race and hit my target. My advice is that you prioritise the Interval sessions. Make sure you are always fresh enough to hit them hard!
Good Luck!"


12 Weeks Half Marathon Training Plan E-books

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Mike Trees
"The half marathon is a distance I have been doing regularly for over 40 years now. I ran a personal best of 1hr 6 mins in my 30s.
It is often seen as a stepping stone for the marathon, but I believe it is a very different event. It is possible to do a good HM with much shorter runs than the marathon, and nutrition does not play such a large part. 
However, don’t be fooled,  the HM is still a tough event. You will need to prepare well, particularly for the last 5km to maintain your pace. Follow these schedules to get the right balance between speed and endurance and on race day you will smash your personal targets."

Tommy Trees
"The half marathon is a really fun event to do! I’ve always thought it had the perfect balance between speed and endurance.
I started racing these at a very early age and managed to do a time of 1hr 20 at 14 years old. More recently, I ran a PB of 1hr 16 following this programme, so I know it works. "


12 Weeks Marathon Training Plan E-books


Mike Trees
"I’m also following the same training programme you will be be going through. Building enough endurance is key, while not over training is also a must! Learning to balance your nutrition and hydration adds another complexity to the event, but if you get it all right, the satisfaction of completing the marathon is immense. It is often said the marathon doesn’t start until the 35km mark, when many runners hit the wall. So follow this plan carefully, prepare well and you will push through the wall to achieve your personal goal."

Tommy Trees
"The Marathon is my absolute favourite running event.  As talented as you may be, you can never fluke a marathon; it requires dedication and careful preparation. I recently ran a massive PB following this programme, so I know that it works!"


Strength and Conditioning for Runners E-Books


We made this books for these reasons:

  • Injury prevention

  • Increase functional strength 

  • Overcome imbalances in muscles

  • Develop neuromuscular efficiency

  • Develop power

We recommend runners to complete one or two strength workouts each week.

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