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Mike Trees:

"I’m also following the same training programme you will be be going through. Building enough endurance is key, while not over training is also a must! Learning to balance your nutrition and hydration adds another complexity to the event, but if you get it all right, the satisfaction of completing the marathon is immense. It is often said the marathon doesn’t start until the 35km mark, when many runners hit the wall. So follow this plan carefully, prepare well and you will push through the wall to achieve your personal goal."

Tommy Trees
"The Marathon is my absolute favourite running event.  As talented as you may be, you can never fluke a marathon; it requires dedication and careful preparation. I recently ran a massive PB following this programme, so I know that it works!"

" I ran my first marathon last year off your plan. 4hr - 4'30. My goal was to crack 4hrs and not stop. I ended up running a 3'34. Now using the 3hr - 3'30 and wanting to crack 3'20 on the same course a year later. Love your work. Well done. " - Thomas

" Hi Mike, I am sure I am just one of thousands but happy to report the plans worked wonders. I sure hit my target at 3h51m last Sunday - nothing to write home about but just to say the plan was PERFECTLY adjusted to the goal. Amazing stuff, and congrats to you - and your son - for posting such helpful content. " - Arnaud

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