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Mike Trees
"I come from a track running background, so the 5 km excites me. My personal best stands at 14:06, so I know what it takes to go fast!
This training programme has been designed to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. You can’t just rely on your endurance to do well in a 5km, you need to work on your top end speed!"


Tommy Trees
"Follow this programme to the best of your ability and you should be able to achieve your own personal 5km goal.
5km for me was the gateway drug to running. I found them so addictive. I love how you can train for it and maintain your normal lifestyle. Also, if you have a bad race, guess what? You can do one again next week!
I am still on a mission to  get under 15 mins one day. My PB currently stands at 15:48, so I have a bit to go. My favorite part of 5km training is the variety. You need to include strength, speed and endurance to perform well!"

" I felt great using your program! Before, I was using a personal coach so I got some knowledge about running. This time I entirely follow the training, like using my feeling to run the easy, tempo and long run and using time not distance. And I can say that your program give me results that blew my mind! "Singgih
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