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Mike Trees:

"I ran the Athens Olympic trials for 10,000m at the age of 41.  I also won the Masters 10km World Championships  the same year. This is a distance I know very well. 
You need the speed of a 5km runner and the stamina of a half marathon runner to do well. It is mostly aerobic, but unless you do some speed-work you will struggle to maintain your pace throughout the whole run. 
I created this training programme with a perfect mix of speed and endurance. If you follow it consistently, you’ll smash all of your 10 KM targets."

Tommy Trees
"I followed this program recently (March 2020) to achieve a time of 33:41. This was a massive 2 minute PB for me.  When following this programme, I found that doing large volumes of intervals at 10km pace gave me huge amounts of confidence to go into the race and hit my target. My advice is that you prioritise the Interval sessions. Make sure you are always fresh enough to hit them hard!
Good Luck!"

" I am half way through week 10 of the base plan, absolutely loving it and seeing major gains in my times and stamina. Will be purchasing a 10k plan next week for me to start after I finish the base plan, and it will bring me perfectly up to my first ever race which is a 10k in June I've signed up for. Couldn't recommend the plan enough, thank you! " - Andrew
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