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Mike Trees:

"The half marathon is a distance I have been doing regularly for over 40 years now. I ran a personal best of 1hr 6 mins in my 30s.
It is often seen as a stepping stone for the marathon, but I believe it is a very different event. It is possible to do a good HM with much shorter runs than the marathon, and nutrition does not play such a large part. 
However, don’t be fooled,  the HM is still a tough event. You will need to prepare well, particularly for the last 5km to maintain your pace. Follow these schedules to get the right balance between speed and endurance and on race day you will smash your personal targets."

Tommy Trees
"The half marathon is a really fun event to do! I’ve always thought it had the perfect balance between speed and endurance.
I started racing these at a very early age and managed to do a time of 1hr 20 at 14 years old. More recently, I ran a PB of 1hr 16 following this programme, so I know it works. "

" I am currently using your half marathon training plan. Preparing for Dallas Half Marathon. I really like how they are clear and easy to follow! Greetings from Mexico! " 

" Hi Mike, I bought your HM training plan to work towards a sub 140 time. My previous pb of 142 had stood for over 2 years. Successfully completed the plan and ran a 135 yesterday. Absolutely over the moon and a big thank you to you. I'll be getting your base training plan to keep me going over winter. " - Haroon

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