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Abdulla Alsuwaidi (Cycling + Running)

Membership: 1 to 1 Online Coaching

Name: Abdulla Alsuwaidi

From: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Goals: Increase cycling FTP + improve 5k time

Coach: Tommy

I have been trying to improve myself in running but I always faced injuries or losing passion for running because of lack of knowledge in running.

I selected NRG when I checked their account in Instagram where Tommy is posting a lot of information which helps me a lot. I decided then to take it a step further and join them. I found Tommy replying to all my inquiries and helping me in keeping me training by following up my progress and modify the session as I need.

I encourage everyone to have a coach in running because without a plan and guide you will not have a clear direction about what to do. I know sometimes when you see things in social media you think it's fake but with NRG no it’s real and they can help you a lot! They will not train you only, they will teach you how to run, how to do intervals and all the basic you need for running.

Now I am enjoying running & cycling after training with them. From the results I have, now I am much more motivated to maintain my health and my fitness. My weekly interval sessions were my favourite because I challenge myself in it.

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