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Brittany Howe (Marathon)

Membership: 1 to 1 Online Coaching

Name: Brittany Howe

From: London, England

Age: 25

Goals: Sub 4:00 in her first Marathon

Coach: Tommy

Before signing up to coaching with Tommy I was feeling really disheartened about running. I had signed up for the London marathon and due to COVID it was cancelled twice. I spoke to Tommy about mixing up my training, getting faster and enjoying running again. Tommy really restarted and harnessed my love for running again. It was amazing to have someone like minded and experienced to guide me through my marathon training. I loved how the sessions were so varied, my favourite initially being the tempo intervals but by the end I was loving the long runs - never thought I’d say that! Tommy helped me get quicker and smash my sub 4 hour target by 12 minutes. During my training I was injured twice, Tommy was able to adapt my training to ensure I kept my fitness but recovered from injury. He helped build my confidence after injury. Tommy is lovely, funny and made training exciting, helping to motivate me on the days I was not feeling up to it. My training schedule was adapted to my busy day to day of being a teacher. Thank you Tommy, I will be back!

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