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Christopher Cleary (Military)

Membership: 1 to 1 Online Coaching

Name: Christopher Cleary

From: USA

Age: 26

Goals: To smash the PST military test (1.5 mile run)

Coach: Tommy

As an athlete in division one schools as well as the military, I have always had a great base of athleticism as well as training. During the last few months, I have not only wanted to improve my running, but meet goals which would have been near impossible to accomplish on my own. Tommy made these possible. He took a practical approach that was realistic, non-sugar coated, and allowed me to absorb the information in a way that made sense to me and my body. He broke down my running form, took into account my lifting and swimming schedules, and created a plan that was all around intelligent, doable, but most importantly challenging physically and mentally.

Tommy was both a great coach and friend. A relationship with someone you’re talking to nearly everyday is important and he made it seamless and fun. The price cost wise was more than worth the time and effort I received from him. I have dealt with professional athletes, special operations military service members, college coaches, and more. Tommy was the most adaptable, personable, and effective to date. He will be my go to suggestion for anyone looking to improve running as well as those looking to fit running into their hectic schedules. Thank you, Tommy! Chris Cleary

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