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Guy Belchier (Sub 3 Marathon)

Membership: 1 to 1 Online Coaching

Name: Guy Belchier

From: London, England

Goals: Sub 3:00 Marathon

Coach: Tommy

I’d been building back my running and fitness for a while in lockdown and was keen to break 3hrs for the marathon. My previous PB of 3:05 was set 9 years ago, but the few times I’d tried to break it I got injured. Kids, work, life and a desire to do Ultras took over and the goal was put on the back burner.

I’d been following NRG on Insta for a while and liked the cut of their jib. The off the shelf training plans looked great, but I wanted something a little more bespoke to work around my commitments and injury history, as well as give me the edge I needed and hold me to account.

Against that brief, Tommy delivered and did so with great humour and professionalism. He flexed and adapted my plan, he gave me a kick or cuddle when I needed it and most importantly he gave me the confidence to push beyond my comfort zone.

By the time I set foot on the start line in Edinburgh, and to the disbelief of many, I’d smashed my 5km, 10km and HM PBs under Tommy’s tutelage and had one to go. With hundreds of kms and countless sessions in the bank, I went out ahead of target pace, stuck to it and crossed the line comfortably, just over 2:55 later.

3 weeks later, against Tommy’s better judgement, I then completed the Spine Challenger, a tough 180km Ultra up the Pennine way. That was the only advice I ignored for a year, but I couldn’t let him have it all his own way! ;)

Trust the plan and get it done!

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