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Welcome to NRG Coaching

Personalised Triathlon and Running Coaching


Meet the Coaches

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Mike Trees - Head Coach

Mike Trees was a professional athlete for over 20 years, winning multiple international titles. He now works as a performance consultant, where he has offered his expertise in training and physiology to numerous Olympians and World Champions. He has a comprehensive knowledge of racing, training and coaching. He is happy to advise athletes of all ages and abilities,
whether you are looking to improve a personal best time or get to the Olympics, Mike can help you meet and exceed your goals and perform at your peak.

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Tommy Trees - Coach

Sports have been a central part of Tommy’s life for over 15 years. He competed for the Japanese National Triathlon Team on several occasions and has over a decade’s experience of training and competing at the highest level. Tommy has helped coach athletes of all abilities to victories, personal bests and achieving their target goals.


How we coach

Get Fit Fast

1. Initial Fitness Assessment

Our first task is to understand your training-related circumstances and needs completely. This starts with a consultation and questionnaire to discuss all the key information needed for the creation of an individualized plan.

2. Individualised Training Plan

Next, we're able to begin building the appropriate individualized training program. Each training week is constructed to achieve an optimal balance of stress and recovery in line with the athlete's needs and capacity. We deliver the program via TrainingPeaks.

3. Strength and Mobility Training

Alongside the Triathlon and Running coaching, we will start teaching you exercises and drills to help improve your strength and mobility. Making you a stronger, well rounded athlete.

4. Technique advice

With modern technology, we can now analyze your technique from anywhere in the world. Improving your technique will lead to more efficient training and reduced risk of injuries.

5. Continual Support

Feedback is provided on all key workouts throughout each week within TrainingPeaks. Tweaks and adjustments can be made at any time to iterate the plan. Athletes are encouraged to provide feedback on their daily training.

6. Unlimited Contact (Mon-Fri)

If you have got any queries, just contact us via message or email and we will get back to you ASAP. We can also schedule calls, when you feel like this is needed.

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